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Marlon Hunt was destined to become an artist at an early age, however, due to some preliminary detours, his journey was delayed. Timing and maturing were always huge factors as Marlon journeyed to the unraveling of his artistic expression. For years, while studying and working towards a career in construction engineering, Marlon worked quietly and almost secretly producing paintings that would ultimately set the stage for his future artistic endeavors.

After almost 10 years of working privately on his art, he staged his first solo art show in September 2001, at the Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas. Although virtually unknown, this exhibition was an introduction of his abstract work to the local and international art community. Due to the overwhelming success of this exhibition, Marlon’s professional art career took flight.

Since this initial exhibition, Marlon has distinguished himself as a naive abstract artist. His images and subject matter are like none other; they speak to the truth, beauty, and realities of life that arise out of situations that may otherwise be perceived as difficult and depressing.

Marlon’s work has been acquired by many art collectors within the Caribbean and international communities. Many pieces have been purchased by prominent Bahamian collectors Dawn Davies and the late Vincent D’aguiliar of which Marlon is very proud. Many new collectors are also inquiring about Marlon’s work because of the distinctive imagery portrayed in his pieces. In his desire to inspire youth, he taught collaboratively in the South Carolina school system, integrating the visual arts into the mainstream academic curriculum to enhance the learning styles of students.

Unquestionably, Marlon’s work is distinctive, thought-provoking, reflective, and stands on its own. His works seem to take on a life of their own because of his zest and passion for artistic expression. He considers his paintings to be explorations into mood, thought, and experiences of the human spirit.

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